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That's how light the protectors are

Therefore, players decide for ProfiSchoner

  • Ultra high impact protection

  • Perfect shin protection in each duel

  • Anatomical fit for left and right leg supporting a contoured comfort

  • Extremley resistent carbon - super safe and comfortable

  • Robust and yet super lightweight

  • Fast legs thanks to ultra light weight

  • Perfect performance in the game - shinguards feel like a part of the shinbone

  • Unique and individual design

  • Crafted by hand

  • 100% carbon - 100% your style - 100% comfort

  • Recommended by professional players!

Prices & Promotions

69 EUR Price of shinguard pair from 4.90 EUR Shipping 14 days Delivery time

We deliver to the whole EU and Switzerland.

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Packaging & Gift

You will receive the shinguards in a stylish Box in which you can store them after use. In addition, you receive a free and stylish ProfiSchoner Player Bag when buying. In this one you can store your shinguard and take them everywhere.

Due to the high quality packaging and cool Player Bag, the ProfiSchoners make an ideal birthday present. The complete set of individual shinguards, a precious box and Player Bag make the hearts of our customers leap for joy.

Style it, Play it - as simple as this!

Step 1:

Choose your size. M and L. We recommend M to a body height of up to 1.80 m. For all taler players L will be the right choice. However, if you prefere playing with smaller shinguards, then you can also choose S.

Step 2:

Style the left and right shinguard with your favorite pictures. In addition to photos you can also add text. Let your imagination run wild. Note: For best results read through the Configurator hints before you get started.

Step 3:

Put the readily styled shinguard in the cart and go to the checkout. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and payment in advance. You can see the price of a pair of shinguards above.
Get started - to the Shinguard Configurator

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